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20+ Years of Propelling Frieght Forwarders and Shippers to Higher Levels of Productivity and Service

PointBTM is a complete freight documentation preparation application designed for full Internet EDI data exchange.
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Build Customer Loyalty
Distinguish yourself from your competitors by providing PointBTM to your shippers. Any shipper with a MS Windows workstation and Internet connectioncan harness the power of the information revolution with this complete document preparation and logistics system. The splash screen with your logo serves as a constant reminder of how you've gone the extra mile for them. Get involved in an electronic commerce implementation that builds loyalty - not resentment, by giving your customers a more efficient way of doing business.

For branding and distribution by any transportation service provider wishing to receive shipper data electronically (IE: Commercial invoice, letter of instruction, bill of lading) and distribute something more useful than a calendar or a pen when visiting valuable customers or exhibiting at the next trade show.

Shippers, Manufacturers and Exporters
PointBTM prints a wide range of international shipping and export documents on plain paper while sending Internet based EDI messages to participating service providers. Regardless of computer knowledge or export experience, this powerful shipping package is fast and easy to use. Best of all, it is available for free distribution from a participating freight forwarder, carrier, 3PL or customs broker.

If you require a product update please contact C-Team at
1-800-798-8971 or support@cteam.ca