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20+ Years of Propelling Frieght Forwarders and Shippers to Higher Levels of Productivity and Service
C-Team Systems
Software for Logistics, Document Management and International Freight Operations

CEDAS Gateway
For freight forwarders, NVOCCs and logistics service providers. Gateway is a tailored system that manages freight, documents, contacts, tracking, etc. from quotation through P&L.

An international and domestic documentation system that is tailored to meet various industry requirements. Operates as a powerful standalone international shipping system, while also designed to integrate with ERP, warehouse, order entry or other external systems.

Equip any website with access to a secure online tracking database. Integrates with C-Team software, other existing in-house systems or 3rd party data sources.

Remote export documentation and shipping software. For branding and free distribution to shippers by freight forwarders, custom brokers, carriers, etc..

Custom Programming
When unique requirements or streamlining goes beyond the boundaries of a tailored application. In-house systems, or software to customers, agents or partners.

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