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20+ Years of Propelling Frieght Forwarders and Shippers to Higher Levels of Productivity and Service

Corporate Heritage

C-Team Systems Inc. is a leader in the standardization of international trade documents and the application of leading technologies to improving the productivity of processing international shipments.

In the early 1970's the Canadian Organization for the Simplification of Trade (COSTPRO) was established to work with the United Nations committee on international trade. The resultant COSTPRO standard was adopted by the United Nations, in June 1984, as the international standard, accepted by over 40 countries. This standard went on to become the basis of both the EDIFACT and ISO standards.

COSTPRO was then privatized as Ximpro Documentation Systems Inc. to market the COSTPRO Manual Overlay System and to create a computerized version of that system. This was finally achieved, in the mid eighties, through a joint venture with C-Team Systems Inc., who later absorbed Ximpro. C-Team Systems carried on the tradition with the Computerized Export Document Alignment System (CEDAS) suite of programs, using laser printers to generate certified forms from blank paper, while simplifying and automating other aspects of the cargo transportation process.

The rigid specifications of international trade documents presented a unique communications requirement, which C-Team Systems recognized as an ideal environment for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). By the late eighties, C-Team Systems had begun to incorporate EDI capabilities into their full range of software applications. Through the nineties, C-Team Systems moved from DOS to the Windows environment and incorporated internet technology while all the time improving the features and benefits of our products.

Today CEDAS and CEDAS Gateway, our core products, are propelling Freight Forwarders and Shippers to even higher levels of productivity and service. Our customers are leaders in supply chain productivity improvement while offering their customers even higher and broader levels of service.